Smith Autonomous is a UK start-up company that has the ambition of becoming the global leader in specialist autonomous vehicles, developing cutting-edge technology for transforming sensor data into mechanical action. We have a diverse range of products in development, but initially we are focused on bringing a specialist fire-fighting drone to the market.

Although we are based in the UK, we have an intrinsically global outlook. All of the products that we are developing are target a global market. As such, our staff base is global as well; we know and understand markets from all around the world, precisely because we have people in those markets all around the world.

We have successfully raised a seed investment round from SFC Capital, in order to support the development of our prototype. We are currently undertaking some foundational research experiments on various aspects of loads and drone stability. We are also seeking research partners, both from the university sector and the commercial sector, to help us with the process of optimising various of our unique design elements, as well as to protect and commercialize our IP.